From where does it come?

We find reclaimed material from multiple sources, both domestically and internationally. There are two main sources in the United States; industrial manufacturing facilities and old barns, outbuildings and homes.  The best industrial lumber found comes from the East coast, north of Maryland. The primary reason is that most of the industrial base of the country was first built was in New England where, almost exclusively, they utilized virgin old growth timber.  

After the Civil War, Congress passed three Reconstruction Amendments that were instrumental in changing the South from an agricultural economy to more of an industrial economy.  In addition, Labor had risen in the North, while labor in the South was much cheaper.  Industry started moving to the South, particularity the textile industry.  New mills were built in the South, and though the timber harvested for these mills was the same species as used in the North, they were second growth timber.   The lumber is every bit as beautiful as the northern lumber but lacks some of the tight grain structure as found in old growth.

In the past, many reclaimed companies preferred timber from mills due to significant quantities. However, there is a wealth of high-quality wood taken from old barns, outbuildings, and homes found in both the North and South.

Our international sources allow us to offer timber from Old World Europe. 


South west virginia barn

South west virginia barn

 Are you a Designer or Architect?  

Are you tired of trying to specify socially responsible "Reclaimed Wood Products," only to see your specification changed by the contractor because the product is not available?  We can help.  We will work with you to help you understand your best choice of material, both from the best practice and availability standpoint.  We shake our head every day when the desired product would be available if only there were enough time to accumulate, dry and mill the stock.