Waste not, want not. 

For the past 20 years, Trout River Reclaimed has been sourcing and processing reclaimed and raw lumber with a conscious focus on sustainability and smart sourcing.  We recognize the negative impact that surplus and waste can have on your margins, inventory and profitability. Trout River Reclaimed is dedicated to eliminating waste and surplus purchasing.  As volume players in the reclaimed market, we source projects and perform demolition ourselves, or through responsible and trusted contractors to obtain 100% of the material. Our full millwork facility with state of the art milling machinery is situated on 66 acres in the heart of Virginia and the geographic center of the East Coast. With 176,000 Sq/Ft under roof and 900,000 BF of drying capacity, we produce NAF engineered flooring blanks capable of meeting CARB and EPA TSCA Title VI requirements.  Our ability to buy in volume, kiln dry, re-saw, rip to order and finish high quality products for a diverse domestic and international customer base allows Trout River Reclaimed to provide your desired material, tailored to your exact needs. 

If you use a resource carefully, you will never be in need.